http://www.e-learningforkids.org/ Learning for younger students through games including keyboarding – an extremely important necessity today.

This is the newest and probably should be followed: http://catlintucker.com/favorite-web-tools/

Smart Hands with Maria

Kahoot – Most teachers probably have caught on to this terrific games-for-content site.

Not sure about this resource–just found today on Facebook:


For the moment, still checking out teacher websites like Next Lesson (free lesson plans) and Bookopolis. Please also check out recent posts. More websites and information will be added to this page–stay connected by following here or visiting the Twitter account @civicjournalist.

Definitely leave your feedback on any sites you try.

Teach with Movies Love this site. There is another but have not yet been able to find it. This is a non-profit organization–the lesson plans are free. The movies you may have to buy or rent if you do not already possess them. WARNING: Make sure you are able to defend showing your students a movie, that it coincides with the school district’s Common Core curriculum.

Below are some sites you will find helpful to integrate educational fun into your literacy classroom:

Glass Lab

Free games researched by this non-profit organization. Seems pretty awesome, but have not yet done my in depth research. Please leave your feedback on this and any other sites listed.


Trackstar for Teachers – free learning games. This website tracks particular subjects or ideas with the help of teachers. (Something like what I am doing here–tracking all games-for-literacy sites that have quality content and are actually free.





Vocabulary and Typing Games – This site has an extensive group of games for all ages. Although sometimes the students can find their way off into non-vocabulary games from the ads. It’s a great site, however, for vocabulary and typing practice.



Learning about Mexican Immigration:

Giving a Voice – House on Mango Street Webquest

Surviving the Sonoran Desert

To Move or Not To Move


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